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Welcome to weight management for women. This blog is going to be an informative blog for women you are looking to get in better health and shape so they can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Majority of women are looking for ways to become healthy and lose inches/pounds in the process but never know where to start.

Who am I? I am Artreice Westmoreland and I am a Talent Scout for a health/wellness company. I have been in the health/wellness industry for 2 years and with my current company for a year. For the past year, I have grown learning about health and what we eat and puts in our body affects us inside and out. Many people are not fully aware of what you eat and breathe affect us physically and emotionally.

Some of this things that I will be sharing is what most doctors do not want you to know because it will make you healthy and take dollars out of their pockets. Herbs are being discovered and more people are becoming aware of them and taking them on a regular basis. In this blog and on this website, I will be sharing information about different kinds of herbs, why they are important and what they can do to heal our bodies from the inside out.

Before getting involved with my current company, I had no clue how much I was damaging the inside of my body and it was affecting the outside as well. Learning how what you eat and drink affect your body will help you become more aware of how to take care of their body. Most people do not know what detox is or how it is beneficial to your body and health.

Becoming aware of what you put in your body and how to get rid of it will the greatest thing you can do for yourself this year. Yes, I know it is millions and millions of things on the Internet teaching people how to eat healthy and lose weight most doesn’t inform you that you should be detoxing daily. I will be sharing the importance of detoxing daily. For now, I am just going to say if you are eating daily; you should be detoxing daily.

If you know any woman or man that is looking for some support and advice to become healthy and add some years on to their life, feel free to share this blog on your social media outlets.




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