The Energy Booster

We live in a world where we are always on the run. We often use the energy drink, like 5-hour energy or Red Bull. Often times, these drinks are not good for you because you can come addict to them or they can even damage the insides of your body if drink for a long period of time.

Energy drinks can be dangerous to you and your body in fourteen different ways. We are going to discuss seven ways in this blog post.

The first way is energy drink can cause you to go into cardiac arrest. Many people are not aware that energy drinks can make them have a heart attack. More dangerous is if you are drinking energy drink and you have a heart attack. According to a study, between the years of 2009 and 2011, poison control centers had over 4,000 calls due to energy drinks and 51% of those calls had to do with children. In 2016, a study was done that showed that people from the ages of 18 – 40 who drinks energy drinks had a significant increase in their QTc interval, which is the duration of the QT interval adjusted for a human’s heart rate. If you have people in your family drinking energy drinks, you need to inform them about the risks of heart attacks.

The second way energy drinks are that they can cause you to get headaches and migraines. The reason why you will get headaches or migraines is because if you have too many energy drinks and you try to stop then your body will go through caffeine withdrawals. When your body get used to consuming certain amounts of caffeine per day and you stop giving your body the amount it is use to, then you will have more headaches frequently.

The third way is increased anxiety or panic attacks. When you are consuming larger amount of caffeine, energy drinks have caffeine in them, daily; then you are setting yourself to have a full blown panic attack any day now. I haven’t had a panic attack but I know people who have and they’re not fun at all.

The fourth way is energy drinks will cause you to have insomnia. We are aware that energy drinks cause people to stay up when they should be sleeping and that is dangerous for people who have to drive big trucks or heavy machinery. When you miss a huge amount of sleep, you are not doing yourself a favor or your body. Energy drinks can also damage your concentration.

The fifth way is that can leads Type 2 Diabetes. Energy drinks have huge sugar level in them alone and if you drink them every day you are putting yourself in risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. Energy drinks can wear out the insulin-producing cells in your pancreas and that will put you in the risks of Type 2 Diabetes.

The sixth way is that energy drinks can elevate your blood pressure. This is why if you have high blood pressure you should not be drinking any energy drinks at all! A study done by Mayo Clinic found the energy drink Rockstar significantly raised the blood pressure of the study participants compared to the placebo drink that was also tested. Do not drink energy drink and take blood pressure medicine because it is very dangerous.

The seventh and last way we are going to discuss is that energy drinks gives you jitters and nervousness. People who drinks energy drinks on a daily basis will develop jitters and nervousness; it can interfere with your daily activities at work or even in your own business. It can also cause you to develop some emotional issues.

These seven ways should help see why drinking energy drinks on a daily basis. You really need to find a new alternative to getting energy. I am a talent scout for an organic health/wellness company; we have a natural energy booster. To read about thee ingredients in our energy booster, go here: … To purchase our energy booster, go here: Buy The Energy Booster

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