Motivational Monday: Keep Yourself Motivated

Today is Monday! We are to talk about ways to motivate yourself. We motivate everybody else; but, we often times forget to motivate ourselves. This blog post will be about how we can motivate ourselves so that we can keep everyone else motivated in the process.

The first tip is take a break! Very few people take a break when they get tired. Most people wants to get everything done before they stop and sometimes that can cause a strain on our bodies. We all deserves to take a break at times, especially women. We are working, taking care of the family, starting businesses, yes, women, we need to time and rest.

The second tip is keep things a secret. Do not reveal things too fast. Revealing things to fast will make you think and feel you are on the right track. People in your network will probably trick you into thinking you are doing the right thing and that can sometimes sabotage your brain into thinking you are doing the right thing.

The third tip is confront death, and define your legacy. Death should be everyone’s motivator to do better in life and go after their dreams and goals. We only get one life to live and we should make it the best life we can probably live. We all are on Earth for a short period of time and that should motivate you to find your God-given purpose and go after your goals & dreams. Sadly, death is not enough motivation for people to get out of their comfort zone.

The fourth tip is celebrate the little wins; no matter how small. Celebrating your small wins will help you create positive habits. This will help you break the feeling of mediocrity by teaching the people around you how to win. If you show people that celebrating little wins is more important than celebrating big wins, then they will begin to celebrate their little win.

The fifth tip is to slash your to-do list in half. When you are writing your to-do list,b e realistic with yourself. Do not do more things than your body will allow and get burned out. The less you have on your to-do list; the more you will get done. Do not over do yourself.

The sixth tip is to be gentle with yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people; your purpose is different from other people’s purposes. There are people who are meant to do things that we are sometimes not meant to do. Do not let that stop you from living out your purpose. Do what you feel what is meant for you to do. Go or get out and explore your options. Ignore what everybody else is doing and do you!

The seventh tip is create new habits. Creating new habits can help you step out of your comfort zone and explore more. An example of new habit may be waking up early to get your work day started quickly. Always create habits that will make you successful.

The eighth tip is to embrace vulnerability. People connect better with people who are vulnerable and open about what they are going through in life and in business. Sharing your personal defeats and failures is a powerful cultivator of motivation for the people who are watching and following you. People loves seeing people being real.

The ninth tip is do what you love that can bring you income. Whatever you enjoy doing try making it into some type of income that you can bring in to help you out. For an example, if you enjoy helping people look and feel good, then go out and start a business that will keep you in your passion and make money.

The tenth, last, and most important tip is focus. Focus on your work, your goals and your purpose. Do not let people become a distraction to you and you stop doing what you are meant to do.

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